Maxine initially followed her passion for sport, but in the early years, whilst working in busy NHS hospitals she noticed two things:

  1. Her sports and orthopaedic patients would generally get better with treatment
  2. An increasing number of ‘other’ patients kept returning for what seemed like the same complaint. They clearly were not getting better with current treatment approaches: they would be referred by their doctors over and over again with no clear diagnosis, they would have complex factors underlying their pains which were often ‘all over body pains, they would have countless tests  done with many returning as ‘normal’; they just seemed to be ‘stuck’ in an endless loop of NHS referrals (rheumatologists, orthopaedic surgeons, neurologists…)  all of whom had little or no communication among themselves about the patient. Since the diagnosis was often unclear or vague, the treatment and rehabilitation plans would not be specific enough and, unsurprisingly, these patients just did not get better.

It made her think. SHe was frustrated by the lack of availability, accessibility and poor consistency of high quality pain management services available to  these patients. So, in her quest of understanding pain and its behaviours, she expanded her studies and worked along top specialists in this field.  In 2010,   driven by the notion that all pain is manageable if diagnosed and treated correctly, she gave up her specialist NHS post, where she was a spinal extended scope physiotherapist,  and founded what is now The Pain Physio.

WHY? to provide you with answers and realistic solutions to all your pain needs. But pain is complex, so to ensure you get a full circle of care, we work together with a World class team* of  Pain Medicine Doctor, Psychologist, Nutritionist and functional trainer – so all your pain needs are covered!

Our mission, above all, is to get you back to being, well…you. You at your very best, what ever that may be – But don’t just take our word for it,* see what our patients are saying* (live testimonials link)