” Fantastic tailored treatment, individual support and expert knowledge. I highly recommend Maxine to anyone with Fibromyalgia or other chronic pain symptoms”

Elizabeth FRITHLondon, UK More...

“Maxine knows more about the different mechanisms of pain, and how to treat them, than any other physio I’ve met. She is lucid and clear in her explanations,  takes time to find out what the client expects and hopes for and tailors her education and treatment plan accordingly. I have every confidence in her considerable skills and expertise”

Anita GLondon, UK More...

“Maxine was the most thorough of all clinicians i have seen, not only in her assessment but her explanations of the mechanisms behind my pain, and how to interpret pain signals . I had incapacitating levels of pain but I am now able to continue on my own and have reduced my Fibromyalgia medications significantly. I have seen a few physios over the years, and frankly, Maxine is in a class of her own; I cannot recommend her highly enough”

Tal ALGFibromyalgia patient, London, UK More...

“I suffered from chronic pain for 6 years. I’d seen many consultants, tried many medications and had various procedures to alleviate my pain – none had any lasting effect. Maxine understood my pain more than any professional i’d seen for my condition, and she described the reason behind every symptom I experienced. With a combination of  direct treatment and targeted exercises I began to improve – and the pain that plagued me for so many years rarely bothers me nowadays! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maxine to anyone.”

Hannah LoasbyNeuropathic pain patient, Buckinghamshire,UKMore...

Why Suffer?

All pain is real and sadly, for a growing number of people, it is now part of everyday life.

But did you know that, no matter the cause or how long it has been present for,  all pain is manageable if diagnosed and treated correctly? So whether your pain is the result of sports, work, lifestyle or simply bad luck, let us provide you with expert care.  What We Treat


Maxine Rodriguez | Owner & Specialist Pain Physiotherapist

If you’re reading this it’s likely that firstly, you’ve been in pain for a long time and secondly, you’re serious about doing something about it – excellent decision, as there actually IS a lot that can be done to change persistent pain states.  So, let me tell you a bit about us and why we can help you.

Having gained extensive knowledge and experience whilst working alongside top specialists within the UK and abroad, I became increasingly frustrated at the scarcity and constant limitations of good, quality pain services available to many. This was hard to understand: there was a growing body of evidence showing  us that chronic pains can get better yet, this group of patients just seemed to be “stuck” in a constant “loop” of  medical referrals, with little or no understanding of what was happening to them and, more often than not, made little or no progress at all.  So in 2010, driven by  the notion that all pain is manageable if diagnosed and treated correctly, I founded what is  now  The Pain Physio.

Our mission is to, simply, make your pain better. Providing you with the right answers and realistic solutions for all your pain needs. But pain is complex, so to ensure all your pain needs are covered we work within a multidisciplinary pain team which includes: 1. A leading UK Pain Medicine Doctor – to provide you, when necessary, with the right pain medicines and procedures which can help break the pain cycle.  2. A Pain Psychologist  – because research has proven that good emotional well being plays a big part in helping improve chronic pain states.  3. A Nutritionist – Because research has also shown that there is a link with persistent pain states and poor gut health.  4. A  Fitness Trainer –  to help restore your fitness after long periods of inactivity.  This provides you with full circle of care.

So if you’re in pain, have been so for a while and can’t seem to make ends of it all, just give us a call. We’d love to hear from you and help you get back to being…well, you! You at your very best – what ever that may be.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what our patients are saying

Transforming Lives…

We exist to, simply, make your pain better! Empowering you through good pain education and providing you with the skills and solutions for day to day pain-free function.

You see, by effectively combining the latest developments in pain science with the use of techniques proven to work and the right support and environment, chronic pains  can get better!

At The Pain Physio we are experts by knowledge, experience and qualifications. This means that we have the answers to your questions, you will be in safe hands and, with over 20 years in clinical practice, there isn’t much we haven’t seen before.

So, why suffer? Get in touch and start your journey back to being…well, YOU!


You are not alone...

It is estimated that 28 million people in the UK experience chronic or persistent pain. That’s 43% of the UK population… So don’t become a statistic and give us a call We shall help you on your journey back to good health.

Stress makes pains worse...

Proven methods that reduce stress include exercise, meditation, Tai-Chi and yoga. But if you can’t manage these, just try doing any activity that makes YOU feel good. Or simply take a few slow, deep breaths every day – You will feel the difference!

Pain is in the brain

Pain research has shown that persistent pain is often the result of poor signalling between your brain and your body. The good news is that your brain has the ability to change and adapt – Let us show you how!

Where to find us

We are honoured to be based in London’s Harley Street, one of the most eminent and prestigious medical districts in the World.

Just a short cab ride away from Kings Cross – St Pancras International train stations,  and a five minute walk from the tube stations of Regents Park and Great Portland Street means you won’t have to worry about the parking! However…should you rather drive and you can beat the rush, there is Pay & Display parking available just on our doorstep.

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