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I have seen many physiotherapists over the years – usually for sports injuries.  Maxine is simply head and shoulders above anyone else I’ve ever seen.

She is highly qualified and experienced, and always takes time to examine, discuss and diagnose properly before leaping into action.

On several occasions I have gone to her with what I thought was a specific, localised problem and she has identified that in fact the problem stems from something/somewhere completely different; which she has then sorted out for me!

I have a huge amount of respect and trust for her and would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

Michael Bostock, London (UK)

I had chronic neck problems which had become part of my life for 15 years. There comes a point when you think you have tried it all so I won’t list the therapies which spring to mind. I didn’t believe there was anyone who could make a difference. Then I met Maxine, she instilled confidence and instantly diagnosed the cause of the problem. The results were beyond expectations and within weeks I had over 90% of my neck movement back – and this change has been sustained. Thanks Maxine you have been fantastic!

Dale Clark, London (UK)

I have been seeing Maxine for a longstanding problem with my back and hips and her treatment has made a huge difference to my mobility and my comfort.

I have particularly liked the way she spent a lot of time listening  to my often rambling description of my symptoms and then took the time to explain to me exactly what she thought was going on.

She treated me and gave me exercises to do, was generous with her time and expertise and generally made me feel more confident than I have in a long time that I was both, understood and there was a possibility that things could get better.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Maxine and indeed have done so to several friends.

Sara Bostock, London (UK)

Maxine, thank you so much for all your guidance, encouragement and support. It has made such a difference to my life – I know I wouldn’t be where I am know if it weren’t for you.

Zara D, London (UK)

Maxine and the Pain Physio sponsored me for the 2012 Virgin London Marathon.  After developing the dreaded ‘shin splints’ with less than a month to go and almost ruining my chances of running my first Marathon,

I went to see Maxine for some urgent treatment.  After some intensive deep tissue massage, acupuncture, ultrasound and an intensive stretching programme, I managed to complete my first marathon!

I would have not made it to the start line if I had not had the amazing knowledge & support of Maxine.  Maxine got me over the finish line!  I cannot recommend The Pain Physio highly enough!

Nicola McGonnagle, London (UK)

I have followed Maxine around for many years everywhere she has worked. I have recommended her to many of my friends, family and work colleagues. I will carry on doing so to whoever needs help and treatment.

She is so fantastic, informative & with amazing hands. I have an ongoing neck problem. I go in in pain, feeling flat, get 1 hour treatment and come out feeling normal & out of pain.

Diane Lank, london (UK)

I was referred to Maxine because I was suffering from chronic pain in both of my forearms that had also recently spread to my neck. My pain had initially started around 6 years prior to this, but had worsened over time and was now having a serious impact on my daily life.

I’d seen numerous consultants and a previous physiotherapist, tried various medications and had several different procedures to try and alleviate my pain, but none of which had any lasting effect.

From the very start of my treatment, Maxine understood my pain more than any other medical professional I’d seen for my condition. She described the reason behind every symptom I experienced, and often she’d know where I was going to hurt before she even touched me! Her reassurance each week also enabled me to stay focused and positive with the treatment, especially when times were tough.

With a combination of direct treatment from Maxine and the specific exercises she gave me to do at home , I gradually began to improve. She has been honest from the start about the length of time the treatment would take, and now after 2 years under Maxine’s care, the difference has been amazing. The pain that has plagued me for so many years rarely bothers me nowadays and I am still continuing to improve.

Maxine’s kind and approachable nature, as well as her extensive professional knowledge, has enabled me to regain my life and with Maxine’s guidance I am now rebuilding my strength.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maxine to any prospective patient.

Hannah Loasby, Buckinghamhire (UK)

Dr Jenner and Maxine Rodriguez have given me my life back and I can clearly see now, after 18 months under their care, how my life will get completely back to normal.

It hasn’t been easy and I have been, and still am working with my local Physio here in Devon every week under Maxine’s guidance. After each of my appointments with Maxine, they discuss my progress and treatment requirements.

Without Maxine my pain threshold would still be  “on the floor” even with all the prescribed medication!

Georgina Caunter, Devon (UK)

During my recent Fibromyalgia flare up I found the help and expertise of Maxine invaluable and would highly recommend her service. Five Stars!.

Laraine Staples, London (UK)

Maxine knows more about the different mechanisms of pain, and how to effectively treat them, than any other physio I’ve met to date.

She is lucid and clear in her explanations, and takes time to find out what the client expects and hopes for and to tailor her education and treatment plan accordingly.

I have every confidence in her considerable skills and expertise and expect my chronic neck pain and postural issues to resolve gradually as I follow her exercise and core stability plan. 5 stars!’

Anita G. , London (UK)

Fantastic tailored treatment, individual support and expert knowledge. I have been seeing Maxine for over 3 years.

I highly recommend Maxine to anyone with Fibromyalgia or other chronic pain symptoms.

Elizabeth Frith, London (UK)

Maxine is an extraordinarily good physio therapist. She is very thorough both, in assessment and also in subsequent treatment plans. It would probably not be preposterous to say that I have had some prior experience with health professionals, and Maxine is by far the best – I come from Austria to see her!.

Due to having seen many physios, and none of them being able to understand what my problems were, I was apprehensive to try someone new again, but it was worth it. Within one hour Maxine had pinned down nearly all of the physical faculties of my chronic pain that had seemed ephemeral to me.

She was able to communicate to me clearly what I had intuitively been feeling but could not convey effectively. For me, most importantly though, is that she treats her patients like equals (i.e. she does not belittle them or their own subjective experience of a condition, but rather makes the patient take responsibility, and facilitates them regaining autonomy over their own body) as well as the fact that she is an upbeat and positive person.

As an added bonus for foreign patients, she also speaks Spanish, nearly an anomaly in the Anglican world! Highly recommend!

Felicia Nitsche, Viena (Switzerland)

I first saw Maxine when I was in a pretty bad way – very stiff in my upper back and chest and having difficulties breathing.

I have seen many practitioners before but the problems always came back. Nobody was able to identify the root cause, which turned out to be nerve pain. Maxine spent a lot of time with me during the first few consultations explaining the impact the accident from 16 years ago and the deteriorating posture had on my current state of wellbeing .

I’ve been working with her for about a year now and I am pleased to say that my symptoms have improved significantly and I only need to see her when I neglect my exercises.

Above all, I also managed to get through it without taking any standard medication for nerve pain. Maxine has been a life saver and I can’t be grateful enough for the change she has made to my quality of life.

Elzbieta Lipnicka, London (UK)

I highly recommend Maxine Rodriguez, The Pain Physio, for sufferers of chronic pain.

In my case I have had Fibromyalgia, and mechanical musculoskeletal pain for about 1.5 years. During the initial consultation we discussed the number of problems that I had. I felt that she was the most thorough of all clinicians that I’d seen up to that point; not only in her initial assessment but her explanations of the mechanisms behind my pain, and how to interpret pain signals.

Patient education is a massive part of pain management, and is a major step in the self-management of pain by the sufferer, and this is where I felt Maxine excelled. Maxine equipped me with tools and coping strategies to self-manage my pain, which is necessary for pain free daily function.

Maxine is also very skilled manual therapist, and really helping me with my chronic neck pain. When I first saw Maxine I had incapacitating levels of pain, she was supportive of me every step of the way until my pain reduced significantly.

I am now able to continue on my own, and we have reduced my fibromyalgia medication significantly. I have seen quite a few physiotherapists over the years, and frankly Maxine is in a class of her own; I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Tal Alg, London (UK)

I have suffered for many years with lower back pain and sciatica. I have seen various professionals in the past, but the pain always came back. Maxine understood my problem from the start and clearly answered all my questions. After a few sessions the improvement was evident and with the recommended exercise program, the pain has not returned.

I would definitely recommend Maxine to my friends and family !

Jason Stone

I came to Maxine having been referred due to Fibromyalgia.

I needed some hands on treatment to target areas of pain, but mostly guidance through a graded exercise programme to rebuild my strength after months of being able to do very little.

Maxine has been great at helping me understand how the body works, why I have pain and tightness in certain areas and how exercise and treatment will begin to build my strength. She has always been supportive throughout my exercises, encouraging me to push myself but conscious and understanding of my limits.

Thanks to 6 months Maxine’s expert care I have now returned to work, and am feeling better than I have in nearly a year. I can definitely recommend her if you are struggling with chronic pain.

Emma Spurin, Kent (UK)

Maxine work is highly effective, if you have pain and you are frustrated with how you are being treated then go and see Maxine. It will be one of the best investments you make.

Chris Meaden

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